Teambuilding Activities

Scattering Fork's Team Challenge Course is for groups interested in becoming a better team. Certified facilitators help teams develop cooperation, communication, and trust within the group. Participants focus on exploring the potential of individual group members, understanding effective group problem solving behavior, and improving organizational effectiveness. Stations are spread throughout the 20 acres of dense forest and the meandering Scattering Fork creek.  

Check out just a sample of our 20+ team building stations:

Giants Finger:
In this activity, the group works together to remove the ring (a tire) off of the Giant's Finger (a nine foot 4 x 4 post) without touching the finger. 

Team members must navigate the three (platform) islands with the remains of the bridge (three 2 x 6's) without anything touching the shark infested seas (the ground).

Nitro Crossing:
The entire group must safely swing across a creek with a bucket of nitroglycerin (water). Since the nitro is highly explosive, no spills may occur. 

Blind Maze:
During this exercise, the group is blindfolded in an open area then led to a maze of ropes strung throughout a Paw Paw tree patch. Using all their other senses, the entire group works together to find their way out of the maze.
Plenty of options for your team development!

Our Teams Kit is mobile and available for groups who can't travel to our site but would like to participate in team building using the same challenges we have here at Scattering Fork . Our staff will bring the Team Challenge events to you and your group for day programs.